Why should I remove my tree stump?

Old tree stumps left in the ground can be unsightly and lead to injuries from tripping or falling on them. Even after a tree has been felled the root ball is embedded deep in the ground and may not die, resprouting even after being cut. In addition, termites and other pests can view the stump as a good place to set up home placing other wooden structures nearby at risk of infestation also.  Complete removal leaves the site free for re planting or building work and removes the risk of termite infestation.

What is the process for stump removal?

A specialist machine called a stump grinder is used to remove stumps.  The machine has a rotating disc with teeth on it that spin round very fast.  As the disc rotates it also sweeps backwards and forwards across the stump and the teeth eat into or “grind” away at the stump.  With each sweep a bit more of the stump is ground away working from the top to the bottom below ground level.

Will there be any mess left behind?

Stump grinding removes small amounts of the stump at a time and as a result turns it from a solid mass into mulch or “grindings”.  The type of tree and the size of the stump will affect the amount of mulch that is produced.  Once the stump grinding is complete we back-fill the mulch into the hole and rake the excess into a neat pile on top.  As the mulch rots down over a period of weeks there will be further settlement and any excess grindings make very good garden mulch and weed supressent.

The stump grinding machine itself is very heavy and whilst all possible care is taken to minimise damage to surrounding areas if the ground is very wet grass can sustain some track marks when the machine drives over it.

If the area around the stump contains plants of significance it is advisable that they are temporarily moved to avoid being crushed by the stump grinder or the resulting mulch that is produced.  You can do this yourself to save time or we can do it for you as part of the service.

Do you use any chemicals when removing tree stumps?

As the stump is removed using a mechanical grinding process no chemicals are required and the only byproduct is the mulch that is left behind.  This ensures the stump is recycled back into the same environment that it came from.

What is the cost involved in stump removal?

The total cost of stump removal depends on the size, number of stumps and access available.  Some stumps can be very small and quick to remove but are situated in such a location that the setup of the machine can take considerably longer than the grinding itself.  We have a general minimum charge for stump removal of $200.00 which helps to cover the cost of travel with our stump grinder to and from your property.  However, if we are already in your area, or you are employing any of our other tree services at the same time as stump removal, then we can take this into consideration when quoting.

As with a lot of things, the more the merrier, so if your neighbour also has a stump for removal why not band together and get a joint discounted quote for removing all stumps at the same time?

You can also do your bit to save us time and reduce the cost; if you have obstacles that may hinder our stump grinder such as rocks or garden ornaments, or have nearby plants that you do not wish to be damaged, you can move these out of the way beforehand so we can get straight down to the task of stump grinding.

What sort of access do you require?

Our stump grinder (affectionately named Girda) measures 3.1m in length and, with her front dual drive front wheels on, has a width of 1.28m.  However, the outer set of wheels are easily removed, reducing the width to 89cm and allowing her to fit through a standard 90cm wide gate.  Each wheel having its own motor means the 4WD together with the low centre of gravity, achieved from the engine sitting low on the chassis, allows the manoeuvring over considerable banks and other obstacles to get to those hard to reach stumps.

Do I need to be at home?

As long as we can gain access to the stump there is no need for you to be at home while we remove it.  Many of our customers work during the day and are happy for us to carry out our stump grinding without being there, confident the site will be clean and tidy, minus the stump, on their return.  We also work weekends if this is an option you would prefer.

What happens if my stump is right up against a wall?

We will do our best to grind away as much of the stump as possible without causing any damage to adjoining walls or paving etc.  Our stump grinder can normally grind a stump to within a few millimeters of the obstructing object.  It is all dependent on access and we will be able to better advise you of the expected results if we can view your stump in situ.

What about underground service lines?

We can generally estimate where underground services lie by assessing the entry points to your property and building.  Properly installed services such as gas, electricity and water should be low down enough to not cause a problem.  However, this is not always the case and other services, such as telephone and internet cables, have been known to be installed very close to the surface posing a greater risk to being damaged.  Ultimately we cannot accept any responsibility for damage caused to underground services and you should ensure you find out where they lie in relation to the stump before grinding commences.

Do you carry out any other tree work such as tree removal?

Yes, being part of The Tree Smith, we perform all types of tree care and management services from palm tidying, pruning and deadwooding to complete tree removal and even milling. Please see this link for a comprehensive list of our other tree services.